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Maruti Impex Foundation (MIF) is the CSR wing of one of the leading diamond manufacturers of India and employment generator in the Gems & Jewellery sector of India.

We firmly believe that India will never achieve its true growth as a nation, until the rural sector of the country is empowered enough to make choices and their lives transformed through micro-level social intervention.

As a part of our dedication towards nation building initiative, we are putting in all effort s to play a vital role by following the vision of our respected & honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi ji for “नया भारत” & “आत्म निर्भर भारत”

Until year 2021, Maruti Impex Foundation has accomplished 1458 marriages (with ceremony & livelihood support) of less fortunate girls who have lost their fathers.

Next similar grand event is scheduled on 6th November 2022 in the presence & with blessings of Hon. PM of India Shri Narendra Modi ji for all cast group marriage of 551, less fortunate daughters.

Maruti Impex Foundation is morally driven and eager to play a leading & effective role in nation building initiative of Government of India under visionary leadership of Hon. Prime Minister - Shri Narendra Modi.

The MIF is also delivering दर्दी देवो भव - by always remaining a step ahead to donate in the field of free medical assistance in rural India with utmost human sensitivity.

The Maruti Impex Foundation is committed towards basic education for all, more particularly for girl child of the rural India to bridge the literacy gap. The group is also committed to the women empowerment by providing training & skills development program for rural women and thereby creating desired employment opportunities.

The foundation is dedicated towards Gauseva thanks to their family tradition of services for unattended, old and suffering cows.

The Family strongly believes in "गौ सेवा ही प्रभु सेवा" and the tradition is deep rooted through generations and was taken to new dimension by Late Shri Mavjibhai M. Lakhani.

The MIF, as a part of their cultural initiative is repairing and building new temples to spread the message of peace & harmony through spirituality across society to deliver “उदार चरितानाम सु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम” successfully.

Maruti Impex Foundation has decided to put in all possible efforts to provide social welfare, animal welfare, nation building initiative, medical services, and education assistance related services for underprivileged and to maintain & spread the Indian culture globally.


Our Inspiration and Guiding light

Shri Mavjibhai Mohanbhai Lakhani has been the beacon of strength and enlightenment for all of us. In fact, it was his vision & actions only that inspired and showed us that the true meaning of our lives lies in selfless giving. He was not just a staunch believer but a thorough advocate that HUMANITY can only be kept alive with good DEEDS. All throughout his life, he tirelessly worked for social empowerment of the under privileged by supporting them in any manner as required.

He believed and practiced the principles of “atithi devo bhava” & “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” and hence considered his responsibility to provide any help to anyone seeking his support. May it for education, medical or any other form of need, he would always provide, without being vocal about it.

He showed to us that “Service to Humanity” is actually “Service to God” and being able to help others is instrumental in nurturing “Rashtra bhavna” in one and all to achieve the true potential of our beloved nation. The rich Indian culture – wherein we respect and care for the elders and the learned saints - were embodied by him throughout his life.

“Gauseva” was a key tenet of his bhakti and selfless efforts, not only through financial and moral support but also through his own manual efforts he devoted his time to this cause and worked selflessly & tirelessly at the gaushalas that he nurtured to set an example for all of us.

His life embodied the principle “Doing Good will lead to more good” and is the path that we all seek to follow through our efforts for betterment of others and society as a whole. His life was a showcase of positive thoughts and selfless devotion for making this world a better place and is and will always be an inspiration & Guiding force for all of us.

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Maruti Impex Foundation works with a clear vision by taking social initiative with utmost sensitivity towards the needy, especially from the rural areas. It aims to extend the helping hand by means of aiding in education & providing resources to make them self-dependent thereby creating आत्मनिर्भर भारत. This further enables them to maintain & enjoy better social life, which in turn helps in our mission of nation building under “Self dependent Nation - Strong Nation” (आत्मनिर्भर राष्ट्र - मजबूत राष्ट्र) campaign.

chair person’s message

Senior Citizen

Suresh Lakhani

Chairperson, Maruti Impex Foundation

I wish to take this opportunity to share the thoughts and objectives that are exciting, challenging and immensely satisfying for us at the MARUTI IMPEX FOUNDATION. As we find ourselves at a great juncture with our country being resurgent, confident and growing with a focus on inclusiveness, it is imperative that we reflect and identify our own role in contributing towards the same.

As we look closely and thoughtfully analyse the growth & development that any nation attains, it is the collective human capital, put in by every individual in the nation that leads to the progress. It is thus the most important and critical need for overall nation building that we strive for the holistic wellbeing of our human resource. It starts right from our organisation where taking care of everyone involved, nurturing and supporting them in every possible way, providing a healthy, inclusive and open work environment, ensuring the mental wellbeing as well as becoming the support structure is part of daily routine & embedded in the key structure. For any employer if the employees become an extended family than it just contributes for collective betterment for one and all in many tangible as well and intangible ways. It automatically becomes the most important factor as well as the benchmark of success for any business and their role in nation building.

The world we inherited was far greener and inhabitable than the world we would pass on to our future generations – this one stark reality opens up our perspective and makes us feel ecologically responsible for everything we do.

The vastness of this issue is so daunting that we tend to give up as an individual person or an organisation. On the other hand if we just thoughtfully self-define our own role and environmental responsibilities towards our future generations, we would be able to focus on our actions to ensure that there is a green-first approach in everything we do. Going paperless, reducing the use of plastics, having a clear intent and focus in reducing the carbon footprint in everything we do will result in sustainable and measurable outcomes, which will give us the confidence to continue marching on the green path. Let us all strive to take the first step. Every action matters!

This is the era and phase in our vast nation that makes it possible for truly inclusive growth. Here again, we have to strive that the vastness of the issue does not hold us back from our efforts. Let us make it our own responsibility to contribute as much as we can. True giving is the most satisfying thing and does not need any external validation. If we simply step out and contribute in whatever possible way, we would realise that it gives us the feeling from within which is the most satisfying happiness that no material accumulation can match. We can focus and have a dedicated approach to provide Education, healthcare, social empowerment and skilling of the underprivileged with a separate impetus on support of the girl child. We would have to make goal based efforts so we are able to do it in a planned and dedicated manner. Promotion of sports is another area that we have to plan and contribute towards. Sports make the body and the mind healthy and is one of the most powerful but probably the most unappreciated tool for nation building and overall well being of society.

As we see around us a concerted effort towards: “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas”, I hope and wish that we can all come together and strive to put our own efforts to have a multiplicative effect leading to social empowerment and nation building.


Dinesh Lakhani

Chief Mentor, Maruti Impex Foundation

Mr. Dinesh Lakhani Having entered the diamond business at a very young age of 17, is a self-made entrepreneur who learnt the skills required to lead a global business empire, entirely on the job.

Mr Lakhani is well known for his problem-solving abilities and his leadership in formulating strategies and ensuring their implementation with the core belief that “no job is impossible, unless you give up.” He is result oriented and a go getter from the absolute start with a strong contention that "a job half done, is a job not done."

An eloquent orator, Mr. Lakhani touches & inspires many in his day to day life by his determined, positive and yet compassionate approach to life and challenges.

With his dream to see India as home to the global supply chain, he goes an extra mile to promote the "Make in India" approach with his mentorship skills.

Having witnessed in his childhood, true love and dedication, his father Lt. Shri Mavjibhai Lakhani had for old unattended and ailing cows, he developed a sense of compassion for the sick and old cows himself and makes it a point to make personal visits to the dedicated cowshed whenever he is in his native place.

Last but not the least, he is one to coin the beautiful phrase of "PAPA NI PARI" which is garnishing so much love and appreciation worldwide that even the Honorable Prime Minister of India - Shri Narendra Modi has congratulated him and confirmed his presence for the event along with other high profile dignitaries.

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