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Creating culture of human sensitivity to make life more fulfilling and easier by maintaining the self-respect and social traditions for underprivileged sections of society

Social Welfare Program

The Maruti Impex Foundation tries it's best to create a culture of human sensitivity and make life more fulfilling and easy by maintaining the sanctity & respect for social traditions benefitting the underprivileged sections of society at large. MIF has always dreamt of India where the Urban-Rural divide doesn’t exist. We support our rural communities and pledge to support their dreams with the same passion as we pursue our own and try to become a part of their world and welcome them to ours with the same spirit.


Ladakadi–Samuh Lagna 2021

One of the major accomplishments of the MIF so far has been the "Samuh Lagan" of the less fortunate daughters who have lost the shadow of their father. In doing so, the MIF has been sensitive enough to take care of the entire marriage expenses plus the livelihood expense to a certain extent.


Papa ni Pari– Samuh Lagna 2022 (upcoming)

Seeing the massive response from previous years, the MIF this year has taken a step further and with record number of 551 applications, making full arrangement of marriage ceremony for the less fortunate daughters who have lost their fathers. The highlight of this event will be presence of the Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji.


Gau Seva

Cows are sacred in Indian culture and Maruti Impex Foundation believes and gives utmost importance to the safety and care of cows specially the ailing ones who are left unattended. At MIF, we make sure that they live their full life span, nurse their calves, and allow them to graze freely on pasture lands. The Foundation is providing knowledge to help farmers, agricultural projects and animal sanctuaries for the care of cows in a compassionate, thoughtful and humane way.


Swachhagraha Mission

The MIF family has always believed in "cleanliness is next to godliness" and in this endeavour, has always promoted multiple awareness programmes. The group has actively participated in “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” for cleaner society and thereby a better nation.

The Foundation plays a very important role in making Swachh Bharat Abhiyan reach every household of the nation. Our primary contribution is in educating people to adapt a lifestyle that promotes cleanliness.


Nation Building

Maruti Impex Foundation takes initiative and plays a vital role in all programs related to & as a part of nation building. At group level, the noble effort of “nation building” through our community and social events is well embedded in our daily routine. We don't just support but even organise activities which promotes and leads to nation building & brotherhood.

Foundation has been proactively involved in multiple activities directed towards economic, social, and moral upliftment of the underprivileged and downtrodden in India, especially in the areas of education, healthcare, women empowerment, and skills development.



The Maruti Impex Foundation provides access to primary healthcare as the basic right for all and especially for the women & underprivileged sections of the society with extended reach to the remote & rural areas of the nation for a healthy living.



Maruti Impex Foundation is committed to the nation in fight against malnutrition and to transform the present & future generations by creating awareness in this field. The foundation has actively organised multiple events to create more awareness and provide nutrition for growing children.


Spiritual Events

The MIF family has actively organised and participated in spiritual events and thereby creating an atmosphere of promoting peace and harmony in the nation of such immense diversity.Spirituality has emerged as one of the most important deterrent to major world problems and cultivates awareness of higher and better understanding of life. A happier tomorrow will manifest in a peaceful future. The Foundation seeks to bring a dynamic solution so that the problems of material life through a spiritual solution.


Community Infrastructure

The foundation is quite instrumental in providing support to overcome developmental challenges in the villages by promoting the youth in remote & rural areas of the country. We also provide financial aid for the community infrastructure development activities like building schools, spiritual centres and organising cultural programs.

The government is the key provider of basic infrastructure facilities but sometimes the rural needy find it difficult to access. The Foundation, through its activities, tries to bridge this gap and tries to make the primary infrastructure more need specific and accessible to the grassroots of rural society.


Education & Skill Development

Maruti Impex Foundation has always been steadfast & committed in providing education to the underprivileged children of rural & remote areas. In an effort to enrich nation’s human wealth and competitiveness, the MIF also conducts training & skill development programmes for the youth.The focus and emphasis in education is not just providing information for the same, but also in promoting the inner self-development, triggered from within the child which in turn is nourished by teachers and parents. At MIF, we strongly advocate that “every experience becomes a learning tool for the child in its growth”.


Disaster Response

Maruti Impex Foundation has been frontrunner in providing relief, support & humanitarian aid to the victims of natural disaster & calamity. During the corona pandemic, the group had taken all types of initiatives to create awareness and stop the spread of virus.